Central Rivers Initiative Vision, Aims and Actions

Vision: To create and connect beautiful places where people can explore and enjoy water, landscape and wildlife, and to ensure that careful extraction and restoration of the area's many sand and gravel quarries will leave a sustainable network of wildlife habitats, public amenities and agricultural land.


The CRI vision will be achieved by working with partners to provide:

  1. A regionally recognised place that people are proud of, involved with, access and enjoy.
  2. An attractive landscape, focussed on rivers and the lakes formed from restored gravel pits, with natural resources and high quality development supporting a thriving and sustainable economy.
  3. A wildlife-rich landscape with extensive wetlands, healthy rivers and sustainable mixed farming.
  4. Appropriate recreational and business activities that work in harmony with each other and the landscape.
  5. Co-ordination in the restoration of gravel quarries to achieve most benefit.
  6. Increased awareness, understanding and participation in the wildlife, heritage and potential of the landscape


To meet our aims we will:


  1. Engage with the local community, including landowners.
  2. Restore habitat at a landscape scale.
  3. Negotiate a co-ordinated approach for gravel pit restoration and other land uses. Work closely with the aggregate industry to restore worked areas as effectively and quickly as possible.
  4. Create a tourism/visitors/recreation plan to link honeypot attractions with activities in the wider area, with zoning so that people and wildlife with different needs are all catered for.
  5. Improve public access where possible, consistent with the visitors plan.
  6. Maximise the opportunities for CRI within local, regional and other initiatives, partnerships and plans.
  7. Engage pro-actively with the development planning process.


  1. Maintain effective partnership working, project management and financial viability.
  2. Create and implement an effectively branded media and communications plan
  3. Create and use a map-based tool to gather, analyse and communicate information

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